Land yachting combines the grace of sailing with the adrenalin buzz of motor racing – imagine yourself sitting a few inches from the ground and racing your friends and family across the sands at top speed. It requires no previous sailing experience and the basic skills can be mastered within 15-20 minutes.

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  “Sit on top” Kayaking at the beach. Built for 2 people these flat bottomed easy to manoeuvre boats are a fun way to surf the waves at the beach. Kitted out with approprate safety gear, enjoy paddling at the glorious West Sands, St Andrews. Easy to master and great fun for all ages. Your … Continued

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Stand up paddle boarding is one of the newest and fastest growing watersports in the world. St Andrews is an ideal location to discover this fun and exhilarating experience. Originating in the Hawaiian Islands,stand up paddleboards (SUPS) are a favourite with celebrities in California such as Piers Brosnan Robert Downie Jnr and Jennifer Aniston and … Continued

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Twin Landyachts

Why not let the whole family enjoy our beach fun and try out our Twin Landyachts. Children aged between 5 – 12 can ride along side an adult in the latest addition to our fleet on our Landyachts built for two. First, you’ll both receive a full demonstration of how to sail a land yacht and how … Continued

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